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 Basic rules of the site

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Rosalie Jade

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PostSubject: Basic rules of the site   Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:26 pm

001) No spamming.
Spamming is advertising various objects and/or websites without permission. Don't do it. Spamming is also using a million smileys in one post. Don't do that. Spamming is also creating a topic asking people to click on your adoptable virtual pets. Don't do that either. I have a separate forum just for that. Do it there. No where else.
002) No bashing/ bullying.
Bashing means harshly criticizing things that people say or draw or believe in etc... If you must negatively criticize, do it in a kind way to where the person will not be offended. Bullying is telling someone they are worthless, ugly, stupid, etc. I don't want any of that. If someone says something that you think is 'stupid', ignore it. DO NOT sit there and comment on it until I have to remove you from this site. Sounds easy right?
003) Don't act like a charity case.
I understand that many of you may have bad lives and have some kind of disorder that you hate to deal with, but please do not go around telling everyone. Because when you do that it makes everyone think that you are looking for attention, which really you are. DO NOT do that kind of stuff. If you really need someone to talk to about it, go to the Help on Life forum. That's dedicated just for people who need that kind of attention.
004) Don't put out personal information.
You have to remember this IS the internet. Please do not tell any one where you live or your phone number. I don't want any of you being hurt in anyway, so please just keep that in mind.
005) Keep the language and actions PG-13!
You have to keep in mind that their might be kids on here, so please don't over cuss or break out into a sex scene. First of all, I hate it when people over cuss. It's completely useless, annoying, and immature. Grow up. Second, I seriously don't wanna know what your character does in bed with another character. If there must be sex, do a time skip.
006) Please be literate.
Please try to use proper grammar and do not use text talk or dO tHiS. They both annoy the crap out of me. Please make all of your sentences understandable, use proper punctuation, try your best to spell correctly, and remember to capitalize the first letter of the first word in all of your sentences.
007) Listen to your mods.
If a moderator tell you to do, or not to do something, you better listen to them. If you feel that one of my mods it's using unfair judgment, please send me a message at I will do my best to resolve the problem as soon as I can.
008) Use credits.
If you use an idea or a picture or some sort of writing that does not belong to you, please credit it. That means if you found a picture on google and you are using it, put in small letters below it or at the bottom of you post that say: Credit to google. If you borrow a poem or some other sort of writing, credit that too.
009) Put your posts in the correct forum.
I do not want to see some random chat topic in the roleplay forum, put it where it needs to go.
010) Keep in mind that I am not a god.
I cannot always be on and monitor everything that goes on, neither can my mods. If you see something going on that is against my rules and that you feel is very important to be resolved, please send me or my mods a private message explaining the situation.
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Basic rules of the site
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